Long ago,I used just to buy anything for the sake,as long as the price was right and it would fit then it became mine.But as i got more into this fashion field and exposing myslef to other people who share this same passion with me,I learned fashion is all about quality and detail put to a piece.                                                              Even though at this point i look at the old clothes in my wardrobe and wonder what the hell was is thinking,i still have hope that in time i can change it fully piece by piece.                                                                     Fashion and luxury go hand in hand,and luxury is attention to detail,I now know it feels way better spending alot in the real stuff than opting for replicas and “fakes” as much as you think no one will notice what you got on isnt real,trust me they will do,and it sucks!                                                   I have had a couple of fake stuff to toss around and floss with,my friends found it awesome because they didnt know but for my decision of putting myself in the global platform to try and match the hypebeasts from all over the world,I actually got called out and its when it hits you to just rather add a couple of hundreds in and walk away with the real stuff,and to be honest real stuff are durable.

Here are a few pieces i have collected this year and yeah they are LEGIT,but am slowly saving for more.                                     

my vetements cap which i love.                     

This is the logo to my gucci cap that am still crashing over.

vlone t-shirt😋

Represent shirt which i got in nude because nude is the trend now and is so easy to wear,it like the new black.Nude is the new black☺.

classic stan smith.Though this is the old versions that I got from my dad.Trust me fashion repeats itself.Who knew i would get what’s hot in fashion now in my dads old things.

yeezy boost v2.

Finally,just wanted to show this shirt from mr.price beacuse i think its awesome,and as much as investing in fashion might not always be cheap,mr.price has the really good quailty awesome clothes that are really affordable.I own alot of shirts from mr.prices and they are so nice and mostly cause less than ksh.1000(10$) so that makes them really affordable compared to most brands.

Thanks for reading my blog post,hope you enjoyed this one because i did and hope you join me in this journey of investing in fashion so as one day you sit and look at your wardrobe,you look at it with pride.




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  1. Natalie Ayse says:

    I used to be the same now I think about things a lot more

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  2. Love the outfit choice! Great style!

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  3. sharon says:

    Thats so interesting and I like your way of thinking when it comes to fashion! It’s true that not a lot of people invest in quality pieces but more into cheap things that they put once and then give away! Love the classic Stan Smith, I’ve had mine for 2 years now, they’re just never out of style!

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