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This week i tried to keep a simple look but still one that stands out.A casual look is not always about going over board with ragged denims,sometimes all it takes is simple jeans.Black jeans are very versatile,it can easily go from a casual look to official wear depending on how you style it.Just make sure its quality so it doesnt fade.


I paired my jeans with a pop of color shirt,just my way of adding a bit of funk to my style.Splash color shirts are difficult to wear,styled the wrong way makes you look like a hot mess,its just always better to keep the rest of the look simple,also helps break the monotomy of a one color look like full black.

I again did layering for my instagram page,its a fun way of always making your style different.


sunset 025-1

Black is always my favorite color,you can still put a full black look and stand out,just adding detail on accesories and shoe choice is what sets you apart from the crowd.I simply added timber boots or fenty creepers to make the look interesting.I also just realized my love for clear glasses which i thougt i hated,thats why i always say dont judge something but take the risk and see how it works on you,fashion is all about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Forget the nonesense you are told that black people wear bright clothes to stand out,dont limit yourself to be a stereotype,explore more to get what works for you.Personally i think black than any other color works great on darkskins.

Picture 006-1

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. quinncove says:

    Awesome look, I couldn’t live without black denim!


  2. Rachael says:

    Love the black denim jeans


  3. Love the causal look! Black jeans are fab! You can literally wear anything with them!


  4. sharon says:

    SUPER OBSESSED with this look! This shirt is so crazy nice and your creepers are even cooler! I used to have some but they got old and I had to throw them out! Probably going to get others


    1. hypeaddict says:

      Thanks alot for the feedback.


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