Bomber jacketšŸ’¦

Welcome back,

Today’s topics is on bomber jackets,I believe this is a must have in your closet,wheter its a plain old bomber or a chunky bomber.A bomber jacket is the additional chic ingridient you add to your daily look.

I had my bomber custom made,so yeah not really from adidas,but i am happy with the work done by avadore fashion house.A black bomber is neutral and can be put with any look.

My additional look is got from a store i believe to be the best store in Kenya,the only store selling streetwear from big brands,@theurbanfashiontrendz,he sold me my vetements cap,vlone shirt and v2 yeezys.Be sure to check him out on instagram.

If you dont feel like pairing your bomber with a pair of jeans,i found out it just goes as well with sweatpants,what a way to have a chic simple effortless look.Sometimes less is just more!!!

I also do this thing called “layering,”putting on more than one shirt but of different lenghts,this is a simple task,just make sure the inner shirt is longer than the outter most shirt and the choice of colors rhyme.

Hope you get the hint,,,go get yourself a bomber jacketšŸ™Œ.

Photocredits:Fidel Castro and Mitch Ketcha.



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