My fashion grids

welcome back,
Today am talking about fashion grids.To me this is my imagination of how i think different looks should be put together,i started doing this recently and it is mad work,i am still working to improve on the quality.

I recently got a nude represent shirt and couldnt pair it with anything,but it goes well with full black attire,i thought of pairing them with v2 yeezys but it just goes well with the v1,sorry they look worn out,i have been wearing them for along time.After all why invest in kicks you wont wear🙎…they will lose shape but its alright.

This here is my most recent grid,and i hope the improvement shows.This is an easy affordable casual look,and pairing it up with the adidas superstars(black) or alexander mcqueen,is a really chic way to put this look together.

And hell yeah,who doesnt love pablo,denim is a classic trend that will never get old,this denim makes you stand out,everyone is wearing denim but not all are wearing classic trends,i am waiting for my new order on pablo denim jacket,then ill do a shoot on how to pair it.

Finally,my summer look….trendy and effortless,besides where i come from its always hot.I made the ombre denims alone by bleaching the bottom part and with a chic baseball cap you are set.Honestly,i never really liked snapbacks but baseball caps are here to stay☺.


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