Yeezy is the trend



The basics to building a man fashions is shoes and a watch.These are the first things people notice;I personally invest alot in shoes,just part of being a hypebeastšŸ˜Š.My favourite shoes so far havee been the yeezy boosts 350 wheter its v1 or v2,tbh they are just so comfy and the major flex.I personally believe everyone should own a pair of sneakers.


When it was rumored a new version “yeezy earth” would be released every hypebeast was “hyped”,too bad adidas rendered this shoe fake and wouldnt be released,too bad beacuse i found this shoes really “sexy”


Everyone claiming to be a hypebeast has yeezys in their closet,and for sure i personally know that everyone notices the shoe you wear,they say “dont judge a book by its cover” but truth be told,we all know first impression matters.To me adidas has become my favourite brand with this type of shoes throwing the old sketchers out.



Shoutout to most of the images being provided by my fashion group of friends @FTWW.Its a group of fashion fanatics from all over the world,not gender or race based,and a group focused on building eacher other check out trillestoutfits,freshest females,alwaysrich and fashion worldwide on instagram,get ideas to BUILD YOUR STYLE.


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