Welcome to my blog guys!


I am Ngado,16year old Kenyan and a fashion fanatic.Well im not your typical boy,i have always hated sports and what other boys like(just my way of being different),my passion is always in fashion and i created this blog to share my view on fashion.My style is mostly street casual (damn i hate official wear),but in my mind i always find a way to make a bad look perfect.And maybe one day ill share my own mix of official wear as i go on with this blog,i guess thats something to look foward to.


I love mixing simple outfits with one item from a major brand,like just simple clothing but with major shoes,to me that gives your look the perfect balance without looking over done.


For my pride of being an African i also take my culture into consideration but with a twist,i usually mix African wear with urban wear,it definately gives you the best of both worlds and makes you STAND OUT.Not many people can balance off this look,but another task for later on in the blog as i show you.

This is just my beginning as i begin the journey to a lifetime of adventures in fashion,follow me as i show you my view of fashion(fashion with a twist).


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  1. Mitchel Ketcha says:

    Killed it on the street look… 😎😎

    Liked by 1 person

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